Sean McVay: Rams aren’t going to run from expectations

The Rams are all in. They haven’t have a first-round choice since 2016 and currently don’t have one again until 2024.

After finishing seventh in yards and 11th in points in 2019 and 11th in yards and 22nd in points in 2020, the Rams traded for Matthew Stafford this offseason. That has improved the team’s odds to win the Super Bowl.

Sean McVay told Albert Breer of The MMQB that the Rams are embracing those expectations.

“You’re not going to run away from the expectations,” McVay said. “Every single team in the NFL has one goal right now, and that’s to win a Super Bowl. And I believe the teams that know, and the teams that have actually accomplished that, they know that you only do that by being where your feet are planted. The one thing that I would say, there’s a belief in the ability to do what we want to be able to do. Now, you don’t do that unless you are where your feet are planted. But there’s a belief; there’s a confidence in the people you’re around.

“And when you enjoy that? We’re not going to ask anybody to do anything that’s more than they can actually accomplish. And there’s a real peace of mind that accompanies that if you know, Hey, there’s got to be hard work. There’s got to be a process. There’s got to be standards that we uphold day in and day out. But you know what? If we do those things, I believe we can go into games, and expect to be able to come away with the result that we want.”

Stafford never won a playoff game in his 12 years in Detroit, going 0-3. But he never has had the roster he has this season with the Rams.

McVay told Breer that Stafford has been “even better than advertised” thus far.